Our fundamental job is to first provide a link between families and children who are eligible for foster care, connecting eligible children with suitable and loving families through partnerships with the government and NGOs. Currently, Foster Care Society is supporting 10 children living in foster homes. Our society provides training, monitoring, and case management services to foster families in Udaipur and its surrounding districts. We deliver pre-placement counseling to children by visiting the children in institutions and explaining the process of foster care to them (if they are old enough to understand). To prepare families for placement, counseling on the topics of attachment, bonding, and acceptance of the child is given to foster parents and any other children living in the household. Post-placement counseling services are also provided by our staff. Once the child is placed with a family, we provide case monitoring, behavioural, and educational support. The goal is to make the transition process for both child and family a positive and life-changing experience. Because the foster care system is brand new for India, Foster Care Society is always flexible and ready to address the ever-changing needs of children, parents, communities, and the system.

Additionally, Foster Care Society provides support and family strengthening services through our local Family Support Centre, Parivar Sahyog Kendra, linking families to government programs for pensions and aid for children in order to help families at risk of separation stay together. Each month we hold community meetings to help identify community needs, connect with people who are seeking services, and empower community members to become advocates for their families. During the summer holiday, we provide free classes and programs for school-aged children. This provides children with a safe place to learn and grow, while letting community members share their skills and interests. Through these activities, our ultimate goal is to strengthen families and our community as a whole.