⦁  Provide legal information related to foster care
⦁  Provide a deeper understanding of the differences between foster care, adoption, institutionalized care, and the various other support services available to struggling families and children
⦁  Provide assistance to foster parents in preparing the necessary documents to become foster parents
⦁  Provide support in the registration of birth certificates, Aadhar Cards, and other necessary documents for the children
⦁  Pre and post placement trainings to foster families
⦁  Psychological consultation of foster children and parents
⦁  Monthly monitoring and supervision of foster families and foster children
⦁  Support during placement process and renewal process
⦁  Provide emergency support in relation to children
⦁  Provide any other support related to foster care which is in the interest of the child

⦁  Foster child Sponsorship and after care
⦁  Family preservation trainings
⦁  Family strengthening trainings
⦁  Family awareness and advocacy
⦁  Training and capacity building
⦁  Connection to child welfare and social welfare schemes
⦁  Technical support to government stakeholders